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Video and Media Services Nationwide

With nearly twenty years bringing market research to life with thought provoking, insightful and memorable videos on projects for some of the biggest brands and for some of the biggest names in advertising and research.



Videography Nationwide


In-homes, Focus Groups,Shopalongs, Anywhere.

Wide-angle fixed cameras and muffled sound lack impact and leave viewers questioning respondent sentiments. Our filmmakers work hard to capture every aspect of respondents behavior in high-definition, zoomed in close enough to capture all the intimate details, wide enough to capture hand motions and other gestures and sound clarity that enables you to hear the subtle nuances in respondents voices.


In-Home Ethnography

  1. We get it. We are not the primary purpose of market research, the research is. Filmmakers arrive prepared, with research centric equipment (minimal footprint), and expertly capture all the details of respondent behavior.

Focus Groups

  1. When you need a more intimate, detailed capture than a fixed or overhead camera can provide.

  2. Our filmmakers follow the conversation providing a clear view of respondent behaviors; facial expressions, hand-motions, and other reactions. Our videographers are versed both in the room or behind the glass.

Pop-Up Focus Groups When your focus group is not in a traditional facility

  1. With filmmakers in most major markets throughout the United States, we are where you are.

Closed-circuit (In-Facility Experience Anywhere) service includes

  1. Professional Video with secure cabling to large screen monitors and optional quiet audio broadcast to wireless headsets – when the situation calls for it.

Additional Services

  1. Live Streaming – Password protected live webcasts for remote viewing.

  2. Dedicated Bandwidth for live webcasting: when the location cannot guarantee robust, secure, dedicated bandwidth, we can.

  3. Video Files delivered on-site: Live Video Conversion – Smaller manageable video files for immediate sharing or posting.

  4. Usability Test (Split-Screen)

  5. Remote Control – when you need an intimate view with angle and zoom control, without the distraction of a filmmaker in the room. Remote camera in research room wired to a controlling unit in separate room.

  6. Translation Setups: High-end translation equipment enabling smooth communication directly from your translator to listeners, through our broadcast system (to the room) or to wireless headsets (to designated individuals in the room).

  7. Shop-alongs: Discreet Camera Kits.


In-facility, In-home** or Anywhere!


most advanced streaming technologies

Using the most advanced streaming technologies, thoroughly researched, heavily tested and proven extremely reliable. (Not consumer-grade technology).


live-streaming package

Our all-inclusive field live-streaming package includes videography, live video conversion, live streaming, internet by way of an industrial strength hotspot with multiple service providers, a password protected stream on a customized dedicated webpage (with full playback of all interviews moments after complete) and all the necessary bandwidth.


Ideal for Pop-Up Focus Groups and In-Home research. 

Check out new live-streaming mobile kit!


We can walk in the door streaming live with nothing more than a small backpack. No additional setup time, barely noticeable footprint, and all the necessary bandwidth included!



Qualitative Market Research Video Editing and Analysis


We are your research partner, visual collaborator, and at our core, story tellers. 

Based out of Hollywood, CA, our highly skilled research editing team injects expertise from working in the entertainment industry. This translates to an expert balance delivering powerful insights within videos that are evocative and memorable and as entertaining as they are informative.

  • Research Summary Videos
  • Insights Documentary Videos
  • Ethnographic Research Videos
  • Highlight Reels
  • Day-in-the Life Documentaries
  • Segmentation Narratives
  • Full Video Reports

Edited professionally with stylized titles, introduction montages, graphics, carefully selected music, and other media to enhance your video.

    “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”

     ― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People



    in-house 15-person team of highly capable market research transcription specialists. 

    We offer excellent "human" customer service, dependability, and because we standardize our templates across projects, greater consistency and accuracy. 

    More Media Solutions

    We are a national team of friendly and experienced professional filmmakers and a/v professionals

    Specially recruited and trained for the intricacies of research by our leadership team in Los Angeles. We strive to be the model of reliability and smooth function on every project in every market, so that you can concentrate on the research. Leave the media to us.